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1 June 2021 - 4 June 2021
Virtual, Sweden
Textile Connect 2021 - Virtual matchmaking

TEXTILE CONNECT 2020 - 650 companies from 33 countries

In May 2020, the first edition of the international textile business event TEXTILE CONNECT 2020 took place. The event initiated by partners of the Enterprise Europe Network in Sweden and Lithuania was to take place in Kaunas, but due to Covid-19 the event turned digital instead.

The event united as many as 33 countries of the world. Thanks to modern technologies, as many as 650 companies not only from Europe, but also from the Middle East and Asia - China, Indonesia – signed up for the international business matchmaking event. In total, over 540 digital meetings took place between buyers and suppliers. As a result of the event, many new cooperations between companies was established. 

"I praise this excellent initiative, free and with real present and future perspectives of partnerships and international businesses"

“I really liked Textile Connect. It was a very efficient and time-saving event, which allows you to meet virtually those participants whose activities, products and solutions may be interesting and relevant to a particular company. Textile Connect 2020 is a great event "without borders" that allowed companies from different countries to communicate in the fastest way, even during quarantine. Technically, the event worked great, it was very simple to join it. I think it would be very useful to make this B2B event an annual event.” 

"My future supplier can certainly be among these and I will definitely participate again if there are more opportunities."

"We received the reply letters on the same day after the virtual meeting - I hope very much for further cooperation“ 

Andrius Vegys, the owner of AVINFI, specializing in direct printing on natural fabrics, had 20 international meetings during Textile Connect 2020 event. He says it is a great concept event and a good way to find new partners. Andrius participates in many international B2B events organized by the Enterprise Europe Network and admits that this has helped him to significantly expand his customer base abroad.


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Participants 604
Meetings 551
Albania 10
Argentina 1
Belgium 2
Bosnia And Herzegovina 9
Brazil 1
Bulgaria 6
Chile 1
Croatia 2
Czech Republic 5
Denmark 4
Estonia 1
Finland 2
France 11
Germany 10
Greece 3
Hungary 8
India 3
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Italy 59
Japan 2
South Korea 1
Kosovo 2
Latvia 13
Lithuania 61
North Macedonia 4
Moldova, Republic Of 2
Netherlands 8
Poland 25
Portugal 48
Romania 9
Russia 1
Serbia 2
Slovakia 20
Slovenia 7
Somalia 1
Spain 72
Sweden 51
Tunisia 51
Turkey 28
Ukraine 30
United Kingdom 23
United States 1
Uruguay 5
Viet Nam 1
Total 608